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To become more successful you need a healthy brain, better skills and solid frameworks.
Discover some of the best Biohacking Products and Diagnostic Technologies (from A-Z...)
In these free video trainings, you will learn about:
  • Some of the best healthcare products that are available on the global market right now
  • Get to know the creative minds and personalities behind these very innovative products
  • Get access to knowledge on how to effectively track your health data via functional medicine diagnostics
  • Learn about Matt's biohacking routines, product stacks and functional medicine inspired health hacks 
 Price: FREE
Storytelling Secrets for Functional Medicine Entrepreneurs
After finishing this video training, you should be equipped to:
  • Get a clear problem/solution fit for your services and offerings in your fxmed practice
  • Position yourself as a mentor to a specific hero with particular health problem
  • Looking at your own life and fxmed practitioner story in a much more empowered way
  • Craft compelling marketing micro content that builds deep trust with your potential patients
 Price: FREE
Content Mastery Course for Functional Medicine Practitioners
After finishing this training, you should be equipped to:
  • Set up a digital work space that will enable efficiency and productivity in your content creation
  • Create high-quality content in text, video and image format that educates your community
  • Use the right tools to create content for consultations, webinars & trainings.
  • Have a minimal viable operations setup to work efficiently online with clients.
 Price: 197 EUR
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