Content Mastery Course
How to create Content in Text, Video and Image format that will position you as an Expert
What you will get out of this training:
  • Set up a digital workspace that will enable efficiency and productivity.
  • Create content in text and video format that solves problems and educates patients.
  • Use the right tools to create content for fxmed consultations, webinars & training.
  • Have a minimal viable operation set up to work efficiently online with clients.
"Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things. Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things." - Peter Drucker

Why did I create this course for you?

I know from experience that nothing leverages your time and income more than to have highly educative content in your clinical work. Period. 

Well educated patients, through your own content - not just Google, will be way more compliant.

In this course, you will learn everything you need to know to create high-quality content for your patients and clients in your functional medicine practice.

How would your life as a practitioner look like if you would have high-quality educative content that would position you as an expert and save you time in the clinic at the same time?

I created this training to introduce you to my most favourite web-based tools that you can use to create content assets every day to reuse, again and again.

As a functional medicine practitioner, you have to become a master at crafting content for your clients that will educate them in an efficient and inspiring manner about pro-active health creation.

When you do the job of high-quality education via content well you can focus on your main job: finding their root causes of being unwell and to get your clients well again, step by step.

Content creation can take up a lot of your time when done in an inefficient manner with the wrong tools. It can be very frustrating too, to have content no one of your patients will get benefit from!
With this course, you will learn about the best tools that are available right now. 

It literally took me years to optimize my toolbox after working with many expert content creatives. This course is a shortcut to the shortcut of content creation. 

After finishing this training, you should be equipped to:

  • Save money, time, and effort because of more efficient content workflows
  • Setting up a digital work space that will enable efficiency and productivity
  • Delight your patients and clients with highly engaging content
  • Have a minimal viable setup to work efficiently online with clients
  • Use the right tools to create content for consultations, webinars & trainings
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"I laugh at the way I previously "organized" my browser. The hacks and methods you have shown me have skyrocketed my efficiency by at least 50%. I am so organized now I can find and access important & relevant pages in seconds. It's an enjoyable process being more focused & executing on my goals. You are a star Matt!" - Trevor Speller, Functional Medicine Practitioner, Director at TS Osteopathy, London, UK

"I loved your course and I think we should all be grateful that you're sharing your knowledge and experience so generously! I know from experience that it's not easy for many of us to get into the flow of thinking like an entrepreneur." - Corinna van der Eerden, Functional Medicine Health Coach SAFM, Founder Functional Medicine Europe Network

"Thank you for your contribution, information, passion, and kindness in sharing Matt! I am going to add Loom and Ulysses to my workflow. The marketing side can be so overwhelming so every help is welcome!" - Karen Nijssen, Functional Medicine Health Coach, Netherlands

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