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Is this you?
  • Not knowing how to attract your ideal client/patient yet via social media and content marketing?
  • Being overwhelmed with the tech aspect of creating high-quality video content for social media?
  • Not knowing which stories to tell in interviews, podcasts, and LIVE! Shows to get more patients?
  • Waiting to be invited to speak in podcasts or video interviews instead of building up your own?
  • Lacking team power to execute an effective social media strategy based on video?
Nodded to at least one of these?

Then our team here at fxmed Accelerate is ready to bring you to the next level! We offer products, services, and a community for functional medicine experts who want to grow their business.

What if you could be part of a community where you'll learn how to empower yourself, build a thriving brand through high-quality content, and get access to world-class resources and support?

It would be an honour to support you in bringing functional medicine to more patients that need help with their health.
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Love From Our Supporters...

"I've been impressed by the amazing in depth knowledge Matt has shared with us in several really informative and eye-opening webinars. I certainly had many aha-moments and learned great insider tips that normally are only available through extensive trainings. So it was a no-brainer to join this membership. It's such a good feeling to know I can ask Matt my questions if I get stuck with either technical aspects of strategy."

Martina Brüggemann, Functional Medicine Health Coach, Germany
"Thanks Matt! Loving the knowledge shared. In this short time, I have already made a leap in my thinking & the development of my business." 
Trevor Speller, Director at TS Osteopathy, London, UK
"I loved your course and I think we should all be grateful that you're sharing your knowledge and experience so generously! I know from experience that it's not easy for many of us to get into the flow of thinking as an entrepreneur."
Corinna van der Eerden, Founder Functional Medicine Network Europe, Germany
"Thank you for sharing Matt! It's been a pleasure learning from you. Very intense week & full of practical applications. Forever grateful."
Anna Winek, Gut Health & Female Hormone Specialist, London, UK
"I can highly recommend Matt for his skills in the tech arena. He helped me understand how to list my videos on YouTube so that they can at least get found via certain keyword searches. I'm sure we can all learn something from him."
Mireille Wagner, Functional Medicine Health Coach, Switzerland
"Thank you for your contribution, information, passion and kindness in sharing Matt! I am going to add Loom and Ulysses to my workflow. The marketing side can be so overwhelming so every help is welcome! "
Karen Nijssen, Functional Medicine Health Coach, Host of Functional Forum Netherlands
The Problem with Going it All on Your Own...
Most practitioners go it alone when building their practices but it does not have to be this way. Getting access to online business coaching and a community of like-minded entrepreneurs can speed up your personal development exponentially.

As soon as you surround yourself with a tribe of motivated, driven, and passionate individuals you are not alone anymore to build up and scale your dream operation, brand, or business.

Getting access to a business mentor who knows how to build a practice with digital means can save you a lot of time, money and worries. Especially when you are new to tackling the challenges of marketing and selling your services online!

The fxmed Accelerate Origin Story
Hi my name is Matt, and I am the founder of fxmedaccelerate.com In 2009 I launched my very first clinic operation as an integrative Chinese medicine practitioner.

I used online marketing methods to create offers which convert and then I strategically used the right channels to promote them.

In 2012 I got diagnosed with Hashimoto's and I used functional medicine to get it into remission. Since then I am on a mission as an early adopter in Europe to bring this medicine to more patients.

I created fxmed Accelerate as an amplification platform to train and coach functional medicine leaders how to market, sell, and communicate better online.

Matt Dippl
Founder fxmedaccelerate.com
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Figuring it all out by Yourself will cost you Time, Money, and Energy...
Trying to go it all alone will cost you a lot of time and money. It even might bring you closer to burnout faster than you think.

The reality is that every business owner that is going all-in with the business will start alone. The business owner first has to do most of the jobs that need to be done until he has the capacity to build a team.

This is the key: You need a supportive community that surrounds you. And let's face it, without a steady stream of clients you will not have the finances to really build a thriving team to support you.

Understanding that you need to invest in education to learn about marketing, salesmanship, and entrepreneurial thinking is essential to make a jump in your development as an entrepreneur in the functional medicine sector!

Educational Institutions don't talk about what is to come when You're done with studying... it's Branding, Marketing & Sales!
Once you become a qualified functional medicine health coach or medical practitioner the challenge is always to find clients to work with!

An essential piece to understand here is that often it is your very own story what you got into functional medicine in the first place. This will give you an indication which clients would benefit the most from your services.

Learning storytelling, ethical marketing, and effective salesmanship is essential to build a thriving practice after coming out of your coaching or medical education!

It's what will turn you into an effective entrepreneur in the functional medicine space!

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Functional Medicine is on the rise in Europe and many Patients need Efficient and Effective help!
We are in a very special situation in Europe. Functional medicine is the "new kid on the block" and it can offer so much to dissatisfied patients.

So when you are deciding on a very specific niche, that ideally is in alignment with your own story, you can craft an effective story and offer to reach out to patients that need help! More and more opportunities are becoming available to help patients.

It just depends on your focus and your commitment around a specific topic!

Let me help you build a Thriving Virtual Brand with proven Digital Marketing Know-How
As a former practice owner I know what it means to create a marketing strategy that brings in targeted clients to whom I can be of benefit because I have the skillset, life experience and clinical know how to do it.

Then when I got diagnosed in Hashimoto's in 2012 I used functional medicine myself to become symptom free again. On top I have other family members that suffer from Autoimmune disease and I see that standard care is not sufficient. It really breaks my heart...

So, As a former patient, expert in digital marketing, and as a digital business innovator I am extremely passionate to scale functional medicine in Europe via digital means!

So I am here to help in being part of solving the problem of chronic disease in society.

Access Live Trainings in the  fxmed Accelerate Community to Upskill Yourself
When you join the community we will do a monthly live training on a specific topic and we will do one Q&A call a month to answer questions around the topic of executing a virtual business model.

As well there will be online courses and training available inside of the community covering topics like marketing, sales and storytelling.

Then there will be a forum in which you can network with other practitioners to build strategic relationships in the industry and to learn from each other what works and what not.

Join the Community when it opens...
I am sure you will be delighted with the content but what really will make you want to stay around is a supportive community of like minded individuals that have the same goals as you.

When you apply via the button below I will get in touch with to find out if the community is a good fit for you.

Once you are accepted then I will onboard you personally on the platform to point you in the right directions which training to do first.

Don't go it alone - it will only slow you down, increase your stress levels, and lead to burnout!
Nothing is more stressful to make a business work as a one man show. You need to get expert advice and coaching in moments when you are out of your comfort zone.

Having the option to ask questions from a qualified mentor can dramatically speed up your progress. The investment of money will come back manyfold. Trust me.

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