Are you done with going it all alone in regards to building your Functional Medicine Business?
Is this You?
  • Confused who your ideal client/patient is and because of this, you work with the wrong clients?
  • Not knowing how to attract your ideal client/patient via content marketing?
  • Being overwhelmed with the tech aspect of building a virtual based functional medicine business?
  • Not knowing which stories to tell in interviews, podcasts, and LIVE! shows?
  • Feeling alone as a functional medicine entrepreneur while building up your virtual business?
Nodded to at least one of these? Then the fxmed Accelerate Tribe is just what you need! A community for functional medicine experts who want to take their business to the next level.
What if you could be part of a community where you'll learn how to empower yourself, build a thriving virtual practice through high-quality content, and get access to world-class resources and support?
Introducing the fxmed Accelerate Tribe...
The fxmed Accelerate Tribe is the only community you need to become a goto practitioner with authority in the functional medicine ecosystem. Want to get an email when we're open? Just click the button below. It would be an honour to have you!
Who is Matt Dippl?
+ Matt is a former classical Chinese medicine practitioner (BHSc TCM), turned digital marketeer, certified digital business innovator (DBI), and founder. Matt has 11 years of extensive online business and startup experience exclusively in the healthcare sector. Matt has a deep passion for authentic storytelling, social media, and community building.
+ In 2009 Matt has built his integrative Chinese medicine clinic in Canberra, Australia, solely with the help of digital. Using SEO, content marketing, and storytelling via social media enabled him to build a thriving practice FAST.
+ In 2013 he joined his wife Tiffany for a 3-month startup accelerator program at Startup Bootcamp Amsterdam. As a result of the acceleration Program the eBook publishing company, which was founded by his wife was able to raise 250.000 EUR including a founding investor of Paypal.
+ In 2015 Matt and his wife Tiffany moved to Munich. Matt went deeper into further education and became a full-time content marketer. When working for an info marketing business in the healthcare education sector in Germany Matt was responsible for multiple 6 figure product launches.

+ Having benefitted greatly from functional medicine himself and getting an autoimmune disease into remission Matt now made it his mission in life to support business brands, health coaches, and doctors that want to bring functional medicine more into public awareness so that patients can get a better delivery of care, FASTER.
+ Together with his team of content creatives and copywriters, Matt works on a daily level with some of the most interesting and innovative leaders in the European functional medicine ecosystem on producing content that gets results.
How you can benefit from joining the membership:
  • Join regular live online training related to proven content marketing strategies.
  • Connect with a community of practitioners in the European functional medicine community.
  • Get coaching to accelerate your personal development and overcome your limitations faster.
  • Network, learn from, and collaborate with peers to develop swiftly towards your goals.
  • Get your questions answered in a public forum and gain insights so you can execute.
What you'll get inside the Membership
  • Expert Masterclasses
There will be live training sessions with experts. The topics will be related to business building followed by a Q&A session covering questions.
  • Personal Coaching
Inside of the membership, there will be access to one-on-one coaching and a community-based forum platform to get your questions answered.
  • Community Support
Getting access to community exchange with peers your trust in the same industry is one of the fastest ways to learn the tools of the trade.
  • Social Events
In occasional social mixer events, the whole community comes together to network. This is a chance for social media content production and getting referrals.
  • Guest Trainings
Inside of the community, there will be regular community hosted training in which members can pass on their knowledge to the fxmed accelerate Tribe.
  • Online Training
You'll get access to video training that is structured around 4 major topics storytelling, brand building, social media & content production.
"Matt! I love the platform and the offerings you have put together! I'm learning, growing & my business is growing beyond what I initially expected. Keep sharing." - Trevor Speller, Director at TS Osteopathy, London, UK

"I can highly recommend Matt for his skills in the tech arena. He helped me understand how to list my videos on YouTube so that they can at least get found via certain keyword searches. I'm sure we can all learn something from him."
- Mireille Wagner, Founder Moove, Functional Medicine Health Coach, Switzerland

"I loved the video you shared today. What a powerful message. You made me watch Dr. Jeffrey Bland's video too. I have to thank you for that because it was excellent. You always keep me updated with FX Medicine news. You are doing an amazing job! Thank you for that." - Anna Winek, Functional Medicine Practitioner, UK
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