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This course includes:
  • Save time in your clinic by creating educative videos, PDF's, text files, and slide decks for your patients.
  • Over 30 2-5 minute short and concise how-to videos to help you create better content to position you as an authority.
  • Links to all tools and resources online provided inside the course so you can start right away to get results.
  • Regular video updates on the newest web tools and workflows to create high-quality text and video content.
  • Bonus 1: Storytelling Secrets for functional medicine practitioners Mini-Course. Tell better stories to get more clients!
  • Bonus 2: The Operations Mini-Course for functional medicine practitioners who are working online. How to become more efficient and not just productive!
  • Bonus 3: MP3 recording and PDF in which you will learn about the SCALE method. A proven framework we are using to educate the public about fxmed.
  • Get to know all the tools you will ever need to create remarkable content in text or video form for your clinic work!
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