Storytelling Secrets
How to craft your "Hero to Mentor" Story as a Functional Medicine Practitioner
What you will get out of this training:
  • Get a clear problem/solution fit for your services and offerings in your fxmed practice.
  • Position yourself as a mentor to your ideal client with a particular health problem.
  • Looking at your own fxmed practitioner story in a much more empowered way.
  • Craft compelling marketing micro-content that builds trust with your ideal patients.
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"The most powerful person in the world is the story teller. The storyteller sets the vision, values and agenda of an entire generation that is to come."
- Steve Jobs

Storytelling is a topic dear to my heart. The life I live today has been greatly influenced by the story I told myself in the past, and the one I am telling myself today.

The later I consciously crafted through self-awareness, introspection, and intention. There is a reason why "self-awareness" is a trait of some of the most outstanding leaders and entrepreneurs that we know of today.
My goal with this training is to open possibilities, your possibilities.

Through authentic storytelling craft you can create a business that deeply resonates with you, through a consciously crafted internal story that resonates authentically with you on the inside, and then with others on the outside for who "your story" is a fit. 

I work with this method daily to craft personal and business brands in the functional medicine eco-system so that they have 100% clarity on their origin story, brand values, mission and vision in healthcare.

"Once your story fits it clicks" - with others and yourself.

A common theme I have found is that many functional medicine practitioners just don't realise how their very own story is so closely connected to their biggest gift which they could be bringing to the world.

It is as if they are walking around in the world with a huge diamond in their pockets while still being utterly unaware of what they are actually carrying around.

I don't offer mere pleasant-sounding theories.

I will present proven business principles and action items that will help you do what I've done – to become laser-focused with your message, mission, and objectives to change the way we do medicine today.

After finishing this training, you should be equipped to:

  • Avoid the biggest mistake made by 95% of fxmed practitioners in their marketing
  • Get a clear problem/solution fit for your services and offerings
  • Position yourself as a mentor to a specific hero with a particular health problem
  • Look at your own life story from more empowered perspective
  • Craft compelling micro-content that builds trust and connection online
Nicole Dawson Cullinan, Functional Medicine Practice Owner, Netherlands
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"I loved your course and I think we should all be grateful that you're sharing your knowledge and experience so generously! I know from experience that it's not easy for many of us to get into the flow of thinking like an entrepreneur." - Corinna van der Eerden, Functional Medicine Health Coach SAFM, Founder Functional Medicine Europe Network

"... Yep it's powerful and you are doing a great job Matt!" - Bastian Hoelscher, Functional Medicine MD, Type 2 Diabetes Expert, Witten, Germany

"I can really recommend this! Matt is good at explaining and really puts his heart in whatever he is giving you. Writing my own story (that Matt introduced me to) was very beneficial for me. It gave me some more healing but it also gave me some directions for leveling up my business. Highly recommended! Thank you Matt." - Marijana Barisic, Functional Medicine Health Coach, Psychotherapist, Trauma Expert, Sweden

"Wow, the Storytelling Mini-Course is packed with inspiration and practical pearls on starting your own practice in the field of functional medicine. Matt invites you to look deep into your heart, to stay there, and then to act from that place. Matt really walks the talk. I can highly recommend this course". - Ana Balažin Vučetić, Functional Medicine MD, Zagreb, Kroatia

"Matt's storytelling course gave me the confidence and permission I needed to tell my personal story. It also provided me with a framework on which to craft an authentic narrative. I learned how important it is to take the time to reflect on my journey thus far before I could create a perennial story piece of real value to attract my tribe. Going through his storytelling process has been an essential step in the conception of sound business strategies needed to build my personal brand." - Nicole Dawson Cullinan, Functional Medicine Practice Owner, Wellness Place International, Netherlands

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