Build your Personal Brand as a Functional Medicine Expert via Publishing Authority Videos on Instagram, Linkedin and Facebook
What you will get out of this package:
  • Get Subtitled Videos produced for social media based on expert interviews or content
  • Get a branded video template setup to get videos produced fast with consistent design
  • Get videos for Linkedin 16:9, Facebook 1:1, or IG TV 9:16 with subtitles and headline
  • Position yourself as an expert through consistent authority content at SCALE
Why Video is the Fastest Way to Build Your Brand
"No matter what you do, your job is to tell your story."Gary Vaynerchuk

For who is this service?

I created this service package to help functional medicine experts and brands to scale up their social media content production without the technical hurdle and time suck included in it. 

When you check Dr Mark Hymans Instagram channel you'll find out that he is producing video content non-stop. What is the result? He is the global leader for functional medicine in the world.

How does this apply to your situation? The public needs to become educated about functional medicine. But how can you do that in the most efficient manner? Through posting infographics and pictures all day on social? No... Please don't.

Instead focus on recorded conversations like podcast and video interviews of experts in a strategic relationship with your work, which are then post-produced into tiny digestible pieces of information that will go on social media. Sounds easy, but it's hard...

Is Dr Mark Hyman doing all the content himself?

Hell No - and neither should you...

In case you need assistance to get set up with a solid workflow to get your videos created, we can get you started. With this service package, you get a taste for scalable video production. This service is meant for practitioners who already have a small team.

All you do is shoot high-quality content via zoom or your iPhone. All you need is a dropbox folder in which you drop your video file. We produce the content for you in highly engaging formats. You still have to share the content though. But we'll show you how to do this well too...

I am looking forward to helping you SCALE up your videos FASTER so we can educate the public more efficiently about this great way of doing medicine.

What's the Benefit?
Linkedin Format 16:9
Your Benefit
  • Display thought leadership on Linkedin via high quality content
  • Give reach to other experts via your platform and network
  • Benefit from higher audience retention through subtitles in posts
  • Build a top of mind brand that is trustworthy via your personality
Instagram Format 9:16
Your Benefit
  • Take advantage of IG TV and create reusable assets for direct messages
  • Turn IG Lives, Interview Content, and iPhone footage into unique content
  • Use headlines to get attention and create high engagement
  • Get your message across via engaging subtitles that are professional
 Facebook Square 1:1
Your Benefit
  • Take advantage of Facebook video and build reach and engagement fast
  • Get better results via using high-quality headlines to get attention
  • Benefit from higher audience retention through subtitles in posts
  • Leverage video distribution into Facebook groups for bigger impact
What do you get
  • Video post-production and content repurposing for social media
  • A setup for 3 branded video formats for Linkedin, Instagram, and Facebook
  • Build the foundation for scalable video content to build your brand positioning
  • Don't worry about content production focus on content creation instead
  • Outsource a job to our team you don't want to do anymore. We are here to help.
Here's how it works

1. First book a free call to see if this solution is for you
2. Decide on the volume of video content you'd like to publish per week
3. The minimum amount of videos per week suggested is 2
4. We only produce the videos, uploading and distribution is your team's job

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"I can highly recommend Matt for his skills in the tech arena. He helped me understand how to list my videos on YouTube so that they can at least get found via certain keyword searches. I think everyone I have interviewed is listed on the first page, if not top of the page under videos. Check out "Shay Klomp Bueters" and "interview" and it's listed first. Also my interview with Matt is listed 2nd. And I think it's not for lack of videos on their part. I'm sure we can all learn something from him." - Mireille Wagner, Functional Medicine Health Coach, Switzerland

"I laugh at the way I previously "organized" my browser. The hacks and methods you have shown me have skyrocketed my efficiency by at least 50%. I am so organized now I can find and access important & relevant pages in seconds. It's an enjoyable process being more focused & executing on my goals. You are a star Matt!" - Trevor Speller, Functional Medicine Practitioner, Director at TS Osteopathy, London, UK

"I contacted Matt to get some guidance on some technical issues. He is so helpful and has so much knowledge that he willingly shares. It shines through that he really wants people to be successful in what they're doing. Matt is absolutely brilliant and I can really recommend him if you are struggling with how to set up your business or website. He will give you great tips on what to do, how to do it, and what not to do." 
Solveig Basso, Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, Norway

"Thank you for your contribution, information, passion, and kindness in sharing Matt! I am going to add Loom and Ulysses to my workflow. The marketing side can be so overwhelming so every help is welcome!" - Karen Nijssen, Functional Medicine Health Coach, Netherlands

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