1 - Insights about Scaling up Functional Medicine with Shania Lee

Hey, this is Matt here with the very first episode of the fxmed Accelerate LIVE! Show. Our guest today is Dr. Shania Lee, a veteran of the European functional medicine community. You will really enjoy this deep conversation about clinical work, practice building, and personal self-care approaches as a practitioner.
Dr. Shania Lee Interview Timestamps

00:50 Introduction Dr. Shania Lee.

02:37 Where does Shania get her drive, passion, and energy from?

03:27 Burnout as a problem for functional medicine practitioners...

03:58 Holistic patient care in functional medicine and the science behind being an empathetic doctor.

05:11 Shania's passion for functional medicine.

06:24 Getting the message out about functional medicine in the UK.

06:48 The groundswell for functional medicine in Europe.

08:32 There is a massive upswing of interest with general practitioners to learn more about functional medicine in the last 2 years.

09:08 The frustration of general practitioners in medicine that are burnt out and frustrated.

10:36 The right integrative medicine mindset to develop as a functional medicine practitioner and how to deal with prescription medication.

11:25 Shania's work in regards to mentoring functional medicine practitioners in Europe.

12:26 Why Shania still learns from every experience in her clinical work.

13:24 A recent client case of Shania.

14:56 Why her patients have to fill out 4 hours of paperwork online via "Living Matrix".

16:02 Why Shania shifted her client intake system completely online.

17:04 Why it is important to invest in good clinical case management software.

17:50 Practice building tips from the trenches.

19:05 How Shania hosted 1 hour-long in-person patient workshops when she started out in her community to grow her business.

21:17 Use analogies in your clinical work to justify testing that is maybe expensive but really necessary and will save money in the long run.

21:50 How to speak to your clients about the quality of food supplements you are prescribing in your clinical approach.

22:40 Why you need to use analogies in your clinical work to get better compliance.

23:24 Practice building tips for practitioners to ensure smooth delivery of care.

26:05 How Shania is working with a health coach in a team to get better patient results.

27:23 How to charge what you are worth.

27:17 The difference between training, coaching, and consulting in functional medicine.

29:26 Why functional medicine at times attracts unethical practitioners.

30:27 Shania's philosophy around testing in her functional medicine practice.

32:10 Genetic testing in your clinical work and the different ways of using them.

33:55 How to test for SIBO and gut health efficiently.

34:34 Urinary organic acid testing to find the root cause of fatigue.

35:00 Testing for mold allergies.

36:12 How to identify mold in your living environment.

36:44 Shania's own story is related to mold-induced illness.

39:24 Shania's testing protocol for mold exposure.

40:15 Many neurological diseases like MS can be related to mycotoxin exposure.

40:40 MS treatment and Shania's Research into MS.

41:56 Autoimmune disease and high dose vitamin D treatment protocol.

43:22 Shania's functional medicine mentors.

44:42 Don't be shy to approach leaders in the functional medicine community.

45:15 Shania benefitted herself from a functional medicine approach.

47:40 How Shania met Kristi Hughes, ND in South Africa.

47:51 How Shania met Dr. Daniel Meyersfeld Ph.D., founder of DNAlysis in South Africa.

49:10 The best teacher to learn functional medicine: your own journey to better health...

48:37 Matt's own journey applying functional medicine in his life.

50:50 All functional medicine pioneers do have a story...

51:32 What future does Shania see for functional medicine in Europe and what do we as a community pay attention to? Team effort at eye level!

52:57 Shania's top self-care tips for functional medicine practitioners.

Dr. Shania Lee Bio
Dr Shania Lee is a Doctor of complementary, alternative medicine, who has 20 years of practical experience working in private practice and in integrative medical clinics that specialised in hormone balancing.

Her passion is Functional medicine and she uses specialised functional testing in her practice to uncover the root cause of Dis-Ease. She also represents Nordic laboratories in the UK, Ireland and Netherlands, where she offers her experience as support and mentoring to her practitioners.

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Author: Matt Dippl
Matt loves building solid businesses. Having been a clinic operator himself he knows the challenges inside out what it means to build and run a profitable practice.
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