5 - Become the CEO of Your own Health with Raewyn Guerrero

Hey, this is Matt here with the 5th Episode of the fxmed Accelerate LIVE! Show. Today I'll have Raewyn Guerrero, co-founder of well-works.co on. Raewyn Guerrero is a rockstar health coach for female leaders in the corporate space. Learn more about what it means to become the CEO of your own Health...
Raewyn Guerrero Interview Timestamps:
03:09​ How Matt and Raewyn met through the Biohacker London meetup Facebook group started by Tim Gray, founder of Health Optimisation Summit and Uk's leading Biohacker

07:19​ Raewyn's key mentors in functional medicine: Dr Jeffrey Bland PhD, Dr Mark Hyman MD, and Dr Datis Kharrazian. Plus her love for the work of Tony Robbins.

08:36​ Corporate Burnout... How does it happen? What are the causes? What physiological markers are important to track? The importance of sleep and proper breathing in the daily life of corporate warriors.

12:10​ "Becoming the CEO of Your own Health" Raewyn's key message to educate hard-hitting female executives how to live a healthier, happier, and more balanced life!

15:15​ The story and work of Raewyn's father, a hard-working entrepreneur who started wellness centres all over the Caribbean.

18:09​ What is "Memento Mori" and how can we use the awareness of our coming death to do our best work daily. How Raewyn's turns the challenges concerning #covid19​ into a blessing through a positive mindset.

20:23​ The relationship between Functional, Chinese, & Ayurvedic Medicine and Dr. Jeffrey Bland's formulations at Metagenics. Matt's deep passion for martial arts and the path of being a warrior healer.

23:49​ Raewyn's DRESS system of health creation (taken from Reed Davis, founder of FDN, functional diagnostic nutrition) for high-level female executives who want to live their best life day in and day out explained in a "step by step" fashion. Key concepts: "Test don't guess" DRESS: Diet, Rest, Exercise, sleep, supplements

27:10​ Her "bulletproof system" of the team caring for her clients. The ethos of Wellworks: "Selfcare is healthcare". Her reluctance of working with Vegans and who she loves to work with instead.

29:17​ The path of being a healthcare practitioner practising self-awareness, caring from the heart, and humanistic empathy in functional medicine. Why a Chinese doctor only would get paid when the whole family is healthy.

31:22​ Raewyn's big hairy goal of benefitting over 10 million people (the size of the city of London) with their health. Her passionate stance of aiming to help patients to get off unnecessary medication...

32:48​ Raewyn's Facebook group from Well-works.com as a way to practice charity and how she wants to create change on a bigger level via the "longevity leaders project" with KPMG and other corporates.

36:12​ How will Raewyn impact 10.000.000 people? Via scaling digital and adopting a growth mindset! Her key mindsets: "Every setback is an opportunity to growth". and "Discomfort is the currency of growth."

38:55​ Raewyn's Top Health Hacks: "Rest for Success", "Test don't guess", "Live with Intention." Get into the embodiment of your intentions and create routines! Plus some fun "hippy-dippy stuff" with a deep dive into Matt's and Raewyn's astrology!

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Author: Matt Dippl
Matt loves building solid businesses. Having been a clinic operator himself he knows the challenges inside out what it means to build and run a profitable practice.
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