4 - Make 2021 Your Best Year Yet with Matt Dippl

Hey, this is Matt here with the 4th Episode for the fxmed Accelerate LIVE! Show. This is a shorter solo episode for you. It's the event recording of the "2021 Kick-Off Event" that I hosted for the #fxmedaccelerate community. By far the greatest asset in 2020 was my mindset and I am sharing some pointers.
Event Topics Timestamps:
00:00 Introduction with some inspiring key points from the event.

01:08 Start of the presentation: How to Start 2021 with a Full Tank as a Functional Medicine Business Owner

03:55 Let go of the Old to let in the New" What you need to let go of in 2021 to have the best year in Business despite the current economic climate.

09:00 Why adding the "Art of Healing" to your clinic skillset will skyrocket your ability to practice the "Science of Medicine" as a functional medicine provider. 

12:34 The healing power of love and why we need to practice it daily to avoid fear, overwhelm, and a lack of personal energy and inner power.

14:22 How an ancient healing ritual of forgiveness supported me in letting go of depression, apathy, and negativity during my worst time of suffering from a chronic disease.

19:05 The healing power of love, forgiveness, and gratitude as an accelerator for self-development, business success, and the ability to execute on your dreams.
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Author: Matt Dippl
Matt loves building solid businesses. Having been a clinic operator himself he knows the challenges inside out what it means to build and run a profitable practice.
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