3 - Innovation through Functional Medicine in Sweden with Graeme Jones

Hey, this is Matt here with the 3rd Interview for the fxmed Accelerate LIVE! Show. Graeme Jones shares from his direct experience as the founder and CEO of the Nordic Clinic in Stockholm. Graeme is a real innovator for functional medicine in Sweden and Europe. He is an experienced practitioner, highly reflected educator, and dedicated mentor for functional medicine practitioners in Europe.
Graeme Jones Interview Timestamps
00:40 Introduction Graeme Jones, CEO & Founder of Nordic Clinic Stockholm
At the forefront of innovation in Sweden with Functional Medicine Healthcare

02:21 What is the state of play for functional medicine in Sweden? Is Graeme still an innovator?

04:44 The Stockholm Nordic Clinic and Graeme's Story of diving deeper into a precision medicine model based on functional medicine

07:05 The challenges of running a multi-modality functional medicine clinic and providing adequate admin and support for patients with chronic disease

12:35 The stages any practitioner needs to go through to practice authentic functional medicine

16:40 Why you need to be prepared to be open-minded and wrong as an "expert" to get to the next level in getting results with your patients

20:10 Graeme's personal strengths in his clinical work: solving chronic IBS cases with functional medicine that don't respond to prior treatment at all

25:00 The efficacy of the consultant/doctor/health coaching model for the patient on his healing journey

28:44 How to make functional medicine more affordable for the public via group programs and digital infrastructure and challenges related to this

30:52 The question Graeme really does not like: "Graeme, what should I eat?"Do we all need to be on a Carnivore Diet?

We need both: Short-term and long-term nutritional goals. What is important to you and your lifestyle?

42:15 Graeme's research project on chronic IBS with the prestigious Karolinska Institute in Sweden.

45:58 The mindest you need to adopt being able to win at doing science: do your investigations and be brave enough to be proven wrong

48:35 The impact of trauma on the patient: can we deal with this adequately with a functional medicine model that is rooted mostly in a physiology and biochemistry driven approach?

54:20 Why the functional medicine approach to healthcare needs to become more integrated into the mental healthcare system in our national healthcare systems.

57:00 The history behind the Nordic Mentoring Program for functional Medicine Practitioners in Europe with Graeme Jones

01:01:32 What is the greatest challenge for functional medicine to come more into public awareness in Europe?
Graeme Jones Bio
Graeme is the founder and CEO of Nordic Clinic Stockholm. He's clinically experienced from his many years of working with patients, but he's also passionate about teaching and coaching practitioners in functional medicine and nutritional science. He's a much-appreciated lecturer – both in Sweden and internationally.

Over the past 15 years, Graeme has accumulated skills and experiences from the medical field, fitness, rehabilitation, nutrition, and clinical research. He's trained in nutritional physiology and nutritional genomics and has a B.A. (Hons) in Sport, Health and Exercise from Durham University.

Prior to moving to Sweden, he operated one of the UK's largest preventive medicine units at Nuffield Hospital and has also worked with some of Europe's leading specialists in neurology, spinal surgery, pain, psychology, and physiotherapy at the Bowskill Clinic in London.

Graeme has also worked for the private clinic London General Practice as well as a consultant for Parasitology Center Inc. in Arizona, various insurance companies, and a number of major international companies. He has also worked with professional elite athletes in Europe.

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