6 - How to Fight a Virus at SCALE with Dr Gerrit Keferstein

Hey, this is Matt here with the 6th Episode of the fxmed Accelerate LIVE! Show. Today I'll have Dr Gerrit Keferstein, co-founder of MOJO-Institut.de. Dr Gerrit Keferstein is a specialist in regenerative medicine and was one of the very first german MD's who got educated at the Institute of Functional Medicine in the US. In this episode, we will talk about the groundbreaking ImmunSignatur.de Project in Germany (Affiliate Link). 
Dr Gerrit Keferstein Interview Timestamps:
00:30 Introduction who is Dr Gerrit Keferstein, MD for regenerative medicine, Coach, Co-founder of the MOJO-Institut.de in Henef, Germany

01:55 Why and how did Gerrit become a physician in the first place?

02:50 Treating high performing athletes AND chronically ill people?! How does this really fit together Gerrit Keferstein?! Adaptation vs. Maladaptation while soul travelling...

04:07 What does the term "Patient" really mean?

05:49 The MOJO Institute Culture: Community, Social Bonding, Lifestyle Medicine to manoeuvre change. How does your nervous system work to facilitate positive change?

06:44 Inspiring positive change and the role community will play in the 21st-century medical system and how Gerrit leads his patients out of their stories.

07:42 How your own story can keep you from living your best life and how to change it.

09:26 The MOJO Institute Business Model: "Change of Perspective" as a service to the patient via delivering moments of insight.

11:04 How the MOJO Institute lives brings innovation into medicine with a truly cross-functional and agile team.

12:50 Self-sufficiency, The "5 Doctors of Lifestyle Medicine", and "Metaflammation". How Gerrit called up the Robert Koch Institut himself to initiate change in Germany during the Pandemic.

15:07 The concept of Immune signatures and how to apply the "5 Lifestyle Doctors" to create immune resiliency at SCALE via the immunsignatur.de digital platform.

17:55 How coaching top athletes in peak performance sports inspired him about bringing the hero's story into his practice of medicine. Why professional peak performance sports medicine is 3 years ahead of regular medicine.

21:05 Gerrit's study of functional medicine at the institute of functional medicine (IFM).

23:10 The difference between traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and ancient classical Chinese medicine and why Matt went into Mitochondrial medicine.

25:20 The power of regenerative medicine demonstrated through patient stories: type 2 diabetes and multiple sclerosis.

27:50 The finances behind multiple sclerosis treatment in Germany and what could be done with 1.2 million Euros spent over 10 years?! Why self-sufficiency, community, and lifestyle medicine is the future especially in chronic care medicine.

29:39 How your mitochondria are emitting light and the work of Douglas Wallace who explained the origins of our mitochondria being closely connected to our mothers DNA.

31:46 The vision behind Immunsignatur.de and how it just might change the immune signature of the German population at SCALE via digital education

32:42 The 3 Columns of Pandemic intervention: #1 Lockdowns, #2 Contact tracing #3 Immunisation PLUS intervention #4. Immune signature optimisation (as recommended by Dr Gerrit Keferstein) Gerrits view on the vaccination with a both/and mindset.

34:50 "We think about so many strategies AGAINST the virus, but what can we do FOR the human?" - Dr Gerrit Keferstein

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