2 - The Functional Medicine Europe Network Story with Corinna van der Eerden

Hey, this is Matt here with the 2nd Interview for the fxmed Accelerate LIVE! Show. Corinna van der Eerden shares the origin story behind the Functional Medicine Europe Network. Corinna is a key player in building up a highly connected network for functional medicine practitioners here in Europe and she is doing an incredible job with it.
Corinna van der Eerden Interview Timestamps
01:16 Where does Corinna get all her energy, passion, and purpose from?

02:50 How Matt and Corinna met through the Functional Medicine Europe Network and how her community started.

05:35 Why did Corinna not want to have the "big names" involved from the start...

06:25 How ego and competition can destroy altruistic communities without fair play and respect

07:30 Why Corinna took her community from online to offline with a meeting in Cologne, Germany

08:50 How Corinna is hosting online meet & greets for the Functional Medicine Community in Europe

09:35 Corinna van der Eerden the community hacker in the European Functional Medicine Space.

10:20 The Origin Story of Corinna's Functional Medicine Runde in Germany, the very first monthly LIVE! Show in the German language for the public with Matt as the co-host

12:08 The 2 big problems being solved with a functional medicine LIVE! Show: 1st: patients get accurate knowledge from experts and 2nd speakers get ideal clients for their practices

13:29 Why Corinna started a LIVE! show and her motivation behind it to shine a light on science-based functional medicine.

14:25 Corinna's main mentor: her own father

18:19 How did her fathers' mindset help her with her Hashimoto's diagnosis and how she overcame her diagnosis

24:40 How through following Dr. Mark Hyman Corinna ended up training with FMCA as a functional medicine health coach and SAFM training.

24:54 The difference between the FMCA and SAFM coaching education programs.

25:08 The FMCA health coaching model of working with a functional medicine trained doctor.

26:00 Where does Corinna see the Functional Medicine Europe Network for the Future and why European practitioners should start LIVE! Shows...

26:33 Why functional medicine and venture capital in Europe might become very important in the future and why we need a strong network and community.

27:41 Dr. Jeffrey Bland's post on Twitter labeling functional medicine as a #1 investment opportunity and why functional medicine practitioners in Europe need to start thinking like entrepreneurs.

28:11 How functional medicine doctors and health coaches in Europe can learn to think more like an entrepreneur

30:30 How telling your own hero's story as a functional medicine practitioner can serve as your foundation to become a successful entrepreneur.

32:18 Why creating LIVE! Shows with an educational newsletter is a fun way to create educational content for the public about functional medicine.

33:10 Why scalable and re-usable content online is so important for functional medicine practitioners to save time and get great results for people via Facebook groups.

34:21 Corinna van der Eerden's Top content pieces for her Facebook Group Challenges for weight loss and detox programs via an elimination diet.

37:31 Corinna as a role model that uses scalable offline and online systems to educate her clients with automation.

38:40 How fatty liver is a health epidemic in Germany and how to treat it with nutrition and lifestyle.

41:50 Q&A with Corinna van der Eerden
Corinna van der Eerden Bio

Corinna van der Eerden is one of Germany's first fully qualified functional medicine health coaches.

She works hand in hand with one of Germany's finest functional medicine doctors and she plays a pivotal role in creating a community around the topic of functional medicine in Europe.

Corinna is the founder of the Functional Medicine Europe Network on Facebook, a community that has over 700 functional medicine practitioners in it.

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Matt loves building solid businesses. Having been a clinic operator himself he knows the challenges inside out what it means to build and run a profitable practice.
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