10 Mistakes That Will Lead to Burnout while building Your Business with Matt Dippl

Hey, this is Matt here with a very, very cheeky video here that is called "The 10 Mistakes to Follow for Faster Burnout" as a functional medicine provider. Especially when you go all in on your functional medicine coaching or medical practice as a business owner this article is super important. Because, let's face it, the moment you are burnt out your business will fail! So let's prevent that at all costs if we can.
Mistake #1: Lacking of Self Awareness and Not knowing Your own Path
First up, this one is so important because when you lack self awareness and you don't know yourself deeply enough, it's very likely that you will burn out.

So this is the reason why I actually created the "Storytelling Course" where you deeply go through the process of analysing your own hero story, so that you become crystal clear on the problems that you have solved, that you become very clear on your mentor relationships, that you become clear on the process, a step by step system that you've used yourself to get better. And then, as a result of that, you can come up with a clear plan that you can actually guide others on.
Mistake #2 Not focusing on a clear Niche which You Love
The second point is this: in case you don't know yourself deeply enough, you don't really know what makes your heart sing when you have to make a decision who to work with as patients or clients. So, you you will not know who you really want to help. So, again storytelling work is very, very important. So you become clear on that point.
Mistake #3 Lack of Treatment Routines and Outlines
Third point, if you treat many different conditions without having a routine you will burn out as well. So when you have a niche and you focus on one major condition to start out with, you will actually, over time, develop clear processes and a routine how to help that very condition of a person so you will get better and better the longer you do your work.
Mistake #4 Only doing One-on-One Sessions without a longterm Structure
The fourth part: if you only do One-on-One sessions, without having a clear plan forward, like a specific "step by step" system, you will not be very effective in your work as well. And One-on-One sessions without a clear plan forward, are a sure fire way for patients actually to drop off and not to follow through with threir treatment plan. So they want to have a clear plan from you. They want you to guide them as their mentor to get better.
Mistake #5 Not knowing how to scale Business through Group Programs
Fifth point, if you don't know how to fill up a practice in a step by step fashion, you will get financially into trouble. And the more people you have lined up, for example, in a group training programme, or you have a structured six to 10 session programme, on how to actually get results for people. This will really help you on a financial level to become really stable and so your stress levels will be lower and you will actually really enjoy your work because you will be able to provide for yourself very well.
Mistake #6 Not knowing how Marketing works to get new Clients
Sixth point: if you are still in the dark, on how to attract potential patients systematically, you're in trouble. And this is why I'm so big about digital marketing, online marketing, and storytelling. And specifically, using email marketing.
Mistake #7 Relying on Word of Mouth and Referrals alone
Seventh point: so this is the problem if you rely on referrals and word of mouth marketing alone, your practice growth will be very slow. I mean, this approach is really the old school approach. referrals and word of mouth are great at the very end after you actually treated someone, but if you don't have any patients and clients in your practice, well, you will not get any referrals and no word of mouth going. So you have to really focus on filling up the funnel from the top.
Mistake #8 Being Uneducated about Digital Marketing in the 21st Century
Eighth point, So you have to really focus on filling up the funnel from the top. And for that, the big mistake is that a lot of practitioners are uneducated, about modern day marketing methods, especially email. Okay, so email marketing is one of the most powerful ways to be in contact with your potential patients and clients.

A lot of people put a lot of effort into social media like Facebook and Instagram, and LinkedIn, but they're always platform dependent. So if Facebook switches off, or LinkedIn switches off, or Instagram switches off, if you don't have the email addresses of your followers, you can't follow up with them. So this is why I'm big on actually creating email lists so that you can always contact the people who have interest in your work.
Mistake #9 Having an Aversion towards Selling and Promoting Oneself
The ninth point is: if you have a problem in selling your services, to earn a living, then you will have a problem. As I see it with a lot of healthcare practitioners, they have challenges to sell themselves because first and foremost, they're amazing human beings who want to help people and this is why they are in this type of profession. And this is amazing. But it's very important as well to learn marketing and sales skills to have a good lifestyle, to potentially build a team, and to build a thriving business and eventually to really scale your business.
Mistake #10 Not being disciplined and structured in the delivery of care
Okay, so, last point, if you're unstructured and unorganised in the delivery of your care with your patients as well, this is another sure fire way to burn out. So you need to have systems in place to ensure really good delivery of care to your patients. So, if you follow these 10 mistakes, you will get to burnout really, really fast and I'm happy to help you afterwards. That was Matt from functional medicine accelerate.
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Author: Matt Dippl
Matt loves building solid businesses. Having been a clinic operator himself he knows the challenges inside out what it means to build and run a profitable practice.
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