6 Reasons Why you Need to Learn Functional Medicine Practice Marketing with Matt Dippl

Hey, this is Matt here with a short video for you today why you need to learn marketing as a functional medicine practitioner. Why is this topic so important? Well, marketing is really the basis for your very own freedom. So, let's get into it.
Reason #1: Become the Master of Your Own Fate
First of all, what happens when you don't know how to market yourself? Well, it's very likely, if you don't know how to market yourself, you will work for someone who is better at marketing than you are. A lot of functional medicine practitioners actually have side jobs, while they are building up their practices, coaching businesses, or functional medicine clinics. So, only when you start to learn marketing yourself, you become independent of a side income. When you make sales and you actually generate income from treating patients life gets very, very interesting.
Reason #2: Contribute to Society as an Entrepreneur tackling Chronic Disease
Second point: I really think it's your duty to bring this type of medicine into society. And how do you do that? Well, you do that through learning how to market and communicate better, and there are amazing methods available to do that you can do live shows, you can do podcasting, you can have an email newsletter. When you really make it your mission to bring this type of medicine into society, marketing is really the number one thing you should really learn right now.
Reason #3: Become Independent from Platforms that use Your Creativity
Third point, when you know how to market yourself, you become independent of platforms taking advantage of you. If you spend a lot of time on social media, you're basically creating content for these platforms. So that platform users consume your very content. And you basically loose a lot of time, but necessarily, you don't really gain clients. Your goal should be to build your own platform, your own website, with your own marketing system, so that you can always get in contact with people via email marketing, for example. And social media only supports you and getting actually people to your platform.
Reason #4: Create Cashflow from Good Marketing to Invest into Your Business
Fourth point, you are in full control of your financial life as a practitioner, you need a solid income to provide for yourself. You need to be able to invest money into your business. Potentially, if you want to scale your business, you need positive cash flow to pay your team or to pay contractors to make your business viable. So yes, I want you to be in full control of your financial life. And marketing really helps you to do that.
Reason #5: Re-Invest Your Profits to build a Kickass Business and Team
Another very important point here, number five, with positive cash flow, you can actually build a team. If you want to do big things in the world, you need a team to support you. If you're a one man show you can only take the business so far. If you market well and you actually generate continually new clients and patients for your clinic or for your coaching practice, you actually generate positive cash flow and you can use that positive cash flow to invest into services and products that you actually need to scale up your business.
Reason #6: You move from "One Man Army" to "Serious fxmed Operator"
And this will get me into the sixth point. If you have good marketing that helps to sustain your business with positive cash flow, you can actually scale up your business as much as you want. Because when you have a team, you can do way more than what you could ever do by yourself. But you will only be able to do that if you have positive cash flow, okay?
Conclusion: Become a better Marketer for the sake of Society!
Having solid marketing and sales skills will enable you to become a real entrepreneur solving big problems in society right now. And, as we all know as functional medicine practitioners, chronic disease is one of the biggest challenges that we have in our society that needs solving. So please invest your time, money and resources into learning how to market yourself better.
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Author: Matt Dippl
Matt loves building solid businesses. Having been a clinic operator himself he knows the challenges inside out what it means to build, run and scale a profitable practice through digital.
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