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"I have not opened all your emails since I've been on your mailing list, but I never felt like I wasted my time whenever I opened them. I also like that you come across as very approachable without being salesy or pushy in your way of communicating." - Solange Umo, Functional Medicine Health Coach, France

"Matt Dippl has launched a project for our fxmed community - a series of free Zoom calls to get up-skilled in digital skills needed to market practices. Take a look, it looks really great! Thank you, Matt, for sharing this with us!"
- Corinna van der Eerden, Founder Functional Medicine Europe Network, Germany

"Matt! I love the platform and the offerings you have put together! I'm learning, growing & my business is growing beyond what I initially expected. Keep sharing." - Trevor Speller, Director at TS Osteopathy, UK

"Thank you for your contribution, information, passion, and kindness in sharing Matt! I am going to add Loom and Ulysses to my workflow. The marketing side can be so overwhelming so every help is welcome!" - Karen Nijssen, Functional Medicine Health Coach, Host of Functional Forum Netherlands

"Thank you for today, great, great meeting. I'm sorry I had to leave early; did it go on much longer?!" - Mulk Raj, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Youtube Creator, UK

"Thank you for sharing Matt! It's been a pleasure learning from you. Very intense week & full of practical applications. Forever grateful." - Anna Winek, Functional Medicine Practitioner, Female Health, UK

It would be an honor to have you. I'll be sharing 80% free content to educate you the other 20% will be about offers on products and services that I am creating with you in mind.

Let's make fxmed bigger in the world together.

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