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The 5 Types of Content You need to lead Patients and Clients into working with you...
"There are two things people on the internet are starving for: content and contact." - Gary Halbert

So there are two steps at some stage, ultimately, you want to get to the place where you can use ads on Google on YouTube, on Facebook, wherever if you really want to scale up your business, advertising is key.

So this is the scaling part of a business. When starting out this is not advisable though.
The 4 Phases of building a Business: Plan, Launch, Grow, and Scale 
You see there are four phases of building a business, there is planning a business, there is launching a business, there is growing a business, and then there is scaling a business.

And then there is investing in a business to make it really big with the help of venture capital and investors. So these are the four stages of building a real superior business.

So what do you do in the planning phase, you have to have your strategy straight, you have to get your story straight, you have to get your key problems straight, your key customers straight, and you have to get your key messaging straight.

Start with Organic Content FIRST before getting into Paid Advertising...
When we launch a new, business, product, or a service, we have to create organic content to strategically build up the knowledge about our service or the product in the market place.

We have to build up the emotional connection to the people that we want to work together with, through specific content that is personal.

Then we have to build up the trust of our potential customer to choose us first, over the competition.

And then, of course, we need to position ourselves as an authority, which is again, a different kind of content than building trust.

And finally, we need to have sales content in place that will actually get us the sale and make the transaction work for both parties.
Do You Have a Content Library in Place to be Efficient in Your Content Marketing?

So these are the five types of content you strategically need to produce when promoting your services or products.

And I advise you to have like a library, a content library classified according to these five pieces of content.

Then you can execute that content over an email newsletter, over your social media posts, over video content, or over audio in your podcast, but you need to understand these five types of content. It's crucial!

Why it is so Important to Build an Emotional Connection first...
So always start with emotional connection content, your origin story, your values, things that you're vulnerable about.

Emotional connection content is always about, here's something I'm upset about, this is something I love, this is something I'm sad about.

So when you use this type of language, you building an emotional connection. It's about you as a person as a human being, sharing something of yourself.

And that's emotional connection content because let's face it if people don't vibe with you... Forget it, they will never ever buy something from you, especially in the healthcare sector where trust is even more important.
Emotions Alone Won't get you Clients or Patients Working with You...
The second part then is this very well known "how-to" content. These are like the bland "infographics", these are the "How to" posts like, "Use cucumber fo this... don't eat gluten because..." and the like, which is important. I get it! 

But if people don't have a connection with you, because they don't vibe with you, they're not open to learning from you. "How to" content is all about giving value.

So people start to trust you. So this is why it's called trust-building content.
To be a Leader that Attracts High-Quality Clients to work with You need to Build Authority
Next part then, is the authority content and authority content is where you show that you're a professional, you're not an amateur.

Amateurs often don't show authority content. Authority content is about: "You know what, guys, I'm good, I know what I'm talking about. You read my other posts about how-to's and my story. But you know what, I'm not only talking, I'm getting results too. I'm really good at what I do. Here is some proof".

A testimonial video is great, or you tell a clinical story about somebody you worked together with if they don't give you the testimonial (but have consented you sharing it) - just tell the story about what you've learned from the case and share your results.

So this is about authority. This is like: "I know what I'm talking about plus proof of the results." kind of stuff. So you show the results. So, that's the third piece of content.
Make your Potential Client or Patient feels Safe to Start Working with You
The fourth piece of content, if you really want to get a solid client that loves working with you, you have to be strategic of attacking all the doubts that your potential client would have, why they would not choose to work with you.

Okay, so this kind of content is called objection removal content, where you remove the doubt that people would get into it.

Think about all the different ways they would have gotten hurt through working with somebody without getting any results. This is the fourth piece of content. It's your job to show how you are different!

And then after you removed all the objections strategically then it proves that you know your clients and patients struggles very, very well.

This information is then worth gold for your sales pages content, it's gold for your pre-sales in your emails and offers. It's gold for your sales calls if you're selling a high-ticket wellness program that gives people a real transformation.

Timeless Sales Wisdom from the Sales Department: "An Offer without a Deadline is not an Offer"
And then you have the last category, the fifth category is sales content that you post over a specific time-bound period of time, for three days for example up to a sales deadline until the "cart closes".

And it's like: "Guys, I'm really good at this, you read all my other stuff. Now I have some spots available in my program, you can join me until this date. If you do it today, I'll give you a discount. But if you don't beyond that date, I'm closing this offer down and you will miss out. I'm sorry."

So FOMO is important because you have to help people to jump over the fence. It's essential.
The Essence of Ethical Marketing is Understanding Human Psychology!
If you have done your job well: building an emotional connection, building trust, building authority, removing the objections, and then closing the sale you've beautifully executed a direct response marketing strategy to change the life of the very person you want to work together with.

You literally educated them into working with you!

From the outside, it may look like magic. But from the inside, it is a consciously crafted plan to attract a very specific person, with a very precise problem that you know you can fix!

So these are the five types of content that are very important that you need to become good at in your marketing.
Some Content Ideas For You to Execute this Framework Succesfully

And think of it like this: you can create video content around it.

A quick loom video, take a picture of a science article, give some commentary about it, upload it.

Or post a nice picture on Facebook, write a short piece of some of your thoughts about your mother, or your dad, or your great teachers in functional medicine that builds emotional connection.

Put up a story in short text format about somebody you work together with today and how inspiring It was not touched you were great.

You get the idea! You just have to practice.

Overcome Imposter Syndrome and Fear of becoming an Outcast before Sharing Your Content

So go ahead, publish your strategic content on LinkedIn, on Twitter, on Facebook, whatever.

Build the connection, build up trust via offering value and help, build your authority to demonstrate results, and then ask for the sale in the end after your removed all their doubts!

So that's the five types of content for you that will help you to build a solid business in a strategic fashion!

Some Content-Type Ideas For you to Execute this Framework with

In my content mastery Workshop for functional medicine practitioners, I'll show you the ropes of the practical side: how to produce video and written content FAST.

Then you will learn how to create one piece of content and re-purpose it, again and again. Please join us in the LIVE! Workshop. It's going to be fun, educative, and creative!

It's one of the most satisfying things you could ever learn: Educating patients or clients into working with you in a very ethical way! Join the workshop via the button below.

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Matt Dippl
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"The secret to happiness is freedom... And the secret to freedom is courage." - Thucydides
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"I found Matt to be a patient and intuitive listener. His questions are laser-focused. Matt quickly pointed out my strengths and spotted my inner saboteurs. His advice on content, as well as trust and authority building, was succinct, insightful and very useful. I walked away from the one-hour session with a solid list of new strategies. Thank You!" - Sophia Mose J.D., LL.M., Adapt Certified Health Coach

"... Yep it's powerful and you are doing a great job Matt!" - Bastian Hoelscher, Functional Medicine MD, Type 2 Diabetes Expert, Witten, Germany

"I can really recommend this! Matt is good at explaining and really puts his heart in whatever he is giving you. Writing my own story (that Matt introduced me to) was very beneficial for me. It gave me some more healing but it also gave me some directions for levelling up my business. Highly recommended! Thank you Matt." - Marijana Barisic, a functional medicine health coach, psychotherapist, trauma expert, Sweden

"Great! Thank you so much Matt for your ongoing efforts in order to strengthen fxmed in general and fxmed practitioners in Europe particular. We are good in helping people, but we often struggle in marketing ourselves..." - Enrico Bartholdi, Health Coaching for ME/CFS

"Matt's storytelling course gave me the confidence and permission I needed to tell my personal story. It also provided me with a framework on which to craft an authentic narrative. I learnt how important it is to take the time to reflect on my journey thus far before I could create a perennial story piece of real value to attract my tribe. Going through his storytelling process has been an essential step in the conception of sound business strategies needed to build my personal brand." - Nicole Dawson Cullinan, Functional Medicine Practice Owner, Wellness Place International, Netherlands

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